Tails from the Trailz with Penny Lane!


And she’s back! Recently we got to spend more time with the always-adorable Penny Lane!

Once she heard the jingle of her leash, Penny Lane would come running out, so excited she’d stand up on her back legs, paws up towards me, making cute little noises.  Leashed and ready, it would be time to walk.

What a GoDog!







Penny Lane loves being out in the nice sea air, and enjoys her walks along Westcliff.  She likes to sniff along the way, doing a proper investigation before stopping at the lighthouse to watch the surfers.

Play time!






Once back at the house, she’ll usually get a second wind, racing around the room with her toys.  Her favorite game is keep away; she likes to bring me a toy and drop it, then wait.  The moment I reach for it, she’ll dart in and snatch it back, then race around the room shaking it until she brings it back to me again, and the process http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/maxalt/ repeats itself.

Ahh, refreshing





After her toys have been put in their place, Penny Lane enjoys relaxing out on the porch and soaking up some sun.  She especially likes to have someone sit out there with her, and she will come in looking for me if I don’t immediately follow her out.

For meals, Penny Lane is one lucky dog; she always enjoys a few pieces of turkey mixed in with her food.  Since they’re her favorite, she likes to root around in her food dish and eat them all first before working on the other food.

Time to sleep



After a hard day’s walking and playing, Penny Lane enjoys cuddling on the couch.  She spent most nights sleeping right up next to me, sometimes with her head on my pillow.  Luckily she doesn’t take up much room! And just like any GoDog, the next morning she’s always recharged and ready to greet the day!

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