Tails from the Trailz with Sally and Jackie!

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Meet Sally Sue, a nine year old border collie/lab mix. Sally is very sweet and a little shy, but she loves her walks and enjoys a good pat.

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And here’s her pal, Jackie, a five year old border collie mix. Jackie not only loves attention, but demands it – don’t even think of petting Sally without giving Jackie some love, too. 😉




Both of these pups spent their lives outside until they were rescued earlier this year. They have since learned how to live indoors and walk on a leash, and they seem very happy in their new home. A typical day spent with them goes like this:


GoDogz ready to go!

GoDogz ready to go!

When I get there in the evening, I’m met right at the door by both pups. After I manage to squeeze past them it’s time for a walk. They are both very excited when they see those leashes in my hand, and are quick to pull me back out the door.

Quick photo op in Lighthouse Field

Quick photo op in Lighthouse Field

We usually head to the trails at Lighthouse Field, where both Sally and Jackie enjoy investigating the different http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/fosamax/ smells. Jackie is especially interested in the small rodents she sees along the way, and at the beginning of every walk she tries convincing me we should really be chasing them down.

After our walk we head back inside. Both Sally and Jackie like to get some attention before settling down on their dog beds and taking a much-deserved nap.

Usually they lie on their own separate beds, but occasionally the two of them like to cuddle up closer for optimum cuteness.

In the evening it’s time for a short walk outside to stretch the legs and go potty, and then it’s time for bed. There’s no need for an alarm clock because Jackie lets me know when it’s time to head out for our morning walk – the three of us enjoy watching the sun rise over the ocean as we walk back along the trails.

Recharging for their next walk...

Recharging for their next walk…


Once back inside it’s time for breakfast! After that, the pups relax around the house, content to wait for their next walk.


For more cute pictures check out their album on our facebook page!


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