Tails from the Trailz with Topher, Tucker, and Daisy!

Here's Tucker!

Here’s Tucker!

Meet Topher and Tucker! They might be small, but they are large in GoDogz spirit!

Tucker is a high energy terrier mix. Not only does he love to walk, but he’s also quite the happy runner!

...and Topher!

…and Topher!




His pal Topher is a little more mellow, but still very eager to walk, and super sweet.









And meet their roommate, Daisy! A chiweenie, Daisy is never happier than when she’s walking…or getting a treat. The two best things in life. 😉





A typical outing with Topher and Tucker goes as follows:

Topher and Tucker on the go!

Topher and Tucker on the go!

We open the door and immediately Topher and Tucker are excited – like any true GoDogz, they love their walks and can’t wait to get started. Tucker is the most exuberant so we generally start with him, letting him out of his kennel first. He’ll usually bounce around the room like a furry ping-pong ball, letting out that initial burst of excitement, and then we’ll get him leashed and have him wait more-or-less patiently while we let Topher out.

Me and Tucker after his first GoDogz run

Me and Tucker after his first GoDogz run


Topher is also super excited to walk, but most of the time he’ll sit there relatively calmly while we get him harnessed and leashed. As soon as he’s http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/clomid/ clipped in, though, he’s quick to join his buddy and the two of them lead us out the door and outside.

At the start of the walk Tucker is so excited he’ll stand on his hind legs, walking like a little person as he urges us to go faster, faster! Topher trots alongside his pal, but he’s also happy to take his time a little more, enjoying the scenery.

We know we did our jobs when we bring them back inside and both dogs lie down, happy and calm and relaxed. After some water and a bit of TLC they go back in their kennels, there to wait until their family gets home.

Topher and Daisy are ready to walk!

Topher and Daisy are ready to walk!

Daisy lives in the room next door, and sometimes she gets to come along on a GoDogz walk as well. The first time I came to walk Daisy she was snug as a bug on the bed, all curled up in her nice warm blankets and none too thrilled when I woke her and pulled her harness over her head. One treat later, however, and she had forgiven me, and once her leash was on and she knew she was going for a walk, we were the best of friends.

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