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Recently I got to spend some time with a super cool GoCat – Buddy! Read on for our adventures, and as always, check out our facebook page for more adorable photos.

Buddy looking regal




Buddy is proof that cats get nine lives; ten years old and abandoned in a shelter by his family because of a medical condition, this lucky cat was adopted into a loving home where he not only gets endlessly spoiled, but is also fed home cooked meals!

Hey! Where's my breakfast?

Unfortunately for Buddy, I’m not the chef his dad is, but he politely cleaned his plate each time anyhow and meowed for seconds. It was very rewarding! 🙂





Whenever it was time to eat, Buddy would follow me into the kitchen where he would watch me cook, meowing conversationally the whole time.  Once his meal was down, the house would grow silent as Buddy made short work of his food.


my favorite Buddy picture - so silly!


After eating, Buddy generally enjoyed prowling around the house, looking for a good sunbeam to nap in.  He definitely had some http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/diflucan/ favorite spots depending on the time of day, and would move from the window, to a corner, to his cat bed, always managing to look comfortable and satisfied in his patch of sun.

Caught you!


Although he loved his sunny naps, Buddy was also a superior mouse hunter.  During my stay, we often played red mouse, blue mouse.  I’d move one of the mice around, and Buddy would stalk it, moving silently closer, closer, then pounce! After wrestling with one of the mice, I’d sneak the second one up, and the chase would be on again.  What a GoCat!

...dreaming of another fun GoCat day...





One of the most conversational cats I’ve ever met, Buddy would often meow, either at me, or, occasionally, to himself.  At night, I usually went to bed earlier than Buddy, so I would wake up in the middle of the night to find him curled up next to me, sleeping in a cute little ball of cat.  Day or night, he made for great company!

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