The Adventures of Scout

Proud puppy



We met Scout when he was only about 5 months old, and already bursting with life and curiosity. His person told me he’d recently discovered how to open his kennel, and the other day she’d caught him pawing at a doorknob, trying to figure it out.


This German Shepherd/Husky mix was clearly too smart for his own good. And so much energy! He had the spirit of a true GoDog.

Fearless puppy!









Our first hike was at Arana Gulch and around the harbor. Scout was fearless! He was ready to tear down those trails and explore everything. He charmed everyone we passed with his constant doggie grin, and he won over our whole team with his exuberance.

Scout and Gordy – first hike together










His first GoDogz friend was Gordy, but he quickly made pals with many more.




Scout and lab friend Bronx!

Scout and BFF Heidi-the-dog!






Despite his puppy tendencies to instigate the other dogs into playing with him, they all grew to enjoy their time with Scout and his playful, fun-loving nature.







And Scout was always happiest hiking with a friend or two.



Sean with Scout and all his running buddies






Eventually, we began adding him to the running pack, where his thirst for adventure and desire to cover many miles made him the perfect runner. His favorite place to run? Over the hills and through the redwoods of Henry Cowell!





But he also enjoyed racing to the lighthouse and checking out his favorite beaches.






GoDog on the go!




No matter where he hiked or ran, Scout was always 100% ready to go, and 100% happy to be there.










Unfortunately, Scout passed away suddenly earlier this week. He went out the way he would have wanted, on one last grand adventure. I can picture him running still, tongue lolling out of his wide, doggie grin, tail up like a flag, always racing into that horizon. And I imagine he’ll be waiting there, across the rainbow bridge, eager to greet each new dog who joins him, and ready to teach them all what it means to be a GoDog.






We miss you, Scout. Rest in peace, our energetic friend, and enjoy your adventures on the other side of the rainbow bridge.



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