Today’s Tailz brought to you by Flicker!

Flicker when I first met him

I first met Flicker when he was a tiny puppy, just learning to enjoy walking on the leash, so it was a real joy to see him again, (almost) all grown up to be a full-fledged GoDog!

Flicker might be small, but inside that tiny package is a whole bundle of energy.  We’d start off our day with a very early morning walk – Flicker likes to be out before 6am, so he can enjoy the crisp morning air as he trots along, king of the path.  He was named for his tail, and each morning I’d see it flicking back and forth like an energetic white flag.

Although still a little uncertain around other dogs, Flicker has come up with a foolproof strategy – he sits calmly and waits until the other dog approaches, and then he leaps into action, a blur of energy, quick to back off if the other dog doesn’t seem to want to play.  During our walks and runs together, he made many friends this way, including a poodle mix who looked like a slightly larger version of Flicker himself.

Because one chew bone just isn't enough


Once back at the house, Flicker enjoys chewing on a bone or two, usually on his favorite chair.  He’d generally let me enjoy a brief period of quiet time before letting me know that it was now playtime! His favorite game? Fetch! Only instead of just running and catching the ball, Flicker launches himself across the room, grabs the ball, and flies back, usually racing around in circles before letting his toy go.  He is perfectly happy to repeat this action all night.

Sleep time? time?




In the evening we’d enjoy another long walk with some jogging.  Flicker especially loves sprinting across the grass.  Afterwards, it would be time to kick back and relax at the house.  Flicker would usually curl up next to me, wanting some attention and a good belly scratching.  I quickly learned that if he wasn’t ready to settle down, however, then neither was I – he can be very persistent when he believes it’s time for another round of indoor fetch.  : )

Flicker is as cute as he is energetic – check out our facebook page for more adorable pictures!

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