Turtle’s walk with Gordy

Turtle is one lucky pup – yesterday he got to do a bonus walk with Gordy, the original GoDog!

At first, Turtle wasn’t so sure how he felt about Gordy.  Turtle is very protective of his own pack, looking out for his buddies, Wednesday and Wallace – Gordy is not part of that group.  As I walked Gordy and Sean walked Turtle, however, Turtle started getting a little curious.  Just who was this other dog, and why was he following him?


Moving carefully, Turtle waited until Gordy’s attention was elsewhere before he snuck in like a bulldog ninja and gave Gordy a quick sniff.  Gordy started to turn, and Turtle quickly pretended to be interested in a nearby bush.  A few minutes later and he was back for a closer http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/soma/ inspection, the hair on his back standing up just the tiniest bit.





Once we got to a nice patch of grass, Turtle enjoyed a good back scratch as he rolled around, and now it was Gordy’s turn to sniff him.  The back rolling stopped, and Turtle got up.  The two dogs faced each other, then just turned and started walking, each pretending the other didn’t exist.

By the middle of the walk, however, they were trotting along side-by-side, and on the way back Sean walked both of them together.  Turtle acted like Gordy had been his friend forever, and the two finished the walk as GoDog pals, happy to share the experience with each other.

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