Valentine’s Day photo shoot

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! Hope you’re all getting lots of puppy love out there!

We decided, in honor of this day of love, to show you some cute pictures of two great doggy friends, Ciao and Bear.  Next week we’ll feature this dynamic duo on our Tails from the Trailz installment, but in the meantime we thought it would be fun to show you what it’s like to try to get a good picture of two very energetic dogs.  So on that note, let the photo shoot commence!

Take 1. Ciao: What's over there?



Here’s Take 1 with Bear (the adorable black lab) and Ciao (the equally adorable but twice as mischievous australian shepherd).  We’re near the entrance of Pogonip after a hard one-hour run:



Take 2: Bear: Hmm, that looks interesting






And here’s Take 2…enough said…








Take 3. Bear: I'm a good dog, sitting here, waiting patiently...



Take 3 would have been successful, but Ciao decided at the last minute to look over at me instead of at Sean and his camera…Bear looks great, though!






Take 4. Sean: Heidi, stop moving! You're distracting the dogs!



And now we’re at Take 4, where Ciao’s influence rubs off on his companion, and they both look over at me.  Woops!


Take 5. Ciao: What's that over there? Bear: Where?








Take 5, where we reach a new low in our photography skills.


Take 6. Ciao: Now I'm the good dog...sitting here patiently...where's my treat?







Take 6, where Bear figures out what his buddy was looking at in the earlier shot.  Ciao, for his part, has decided to be a perfect dog model, probably because he knows that the sooner we’re done taking pictures, the sooner he gets to the car, where there’s always a treat waiting for him…


Final Take. And it's a wrap!

And our final Take, where the stars align and both dogs sit there, looking directly…at…the…camera.  It’s a miracle! Good job, Ciao and Bear! They’re so photogenic, when they want to be.  : )


We hope you liked this installment of GoDogz Bloopers! Stay tuned for more on Bear and Ciao in next week’s Tailz!

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