Wallace, Wednesday, and Turtle hit the Trailz!

Meet this fun GoDogz trio – Wallace, Wednesday, and Turtle!

Wallace on the go!


Wallace is an 8 year old boxer who loves to walk.  He might be the biggest in the pack, but he’s very careful of his companions, letting the bulldogs choose which side they want to walk on, and keeping a careful eye on any approaching dogs.



who could say no to that face?


Wednesday is a 7 year old french bulldog, who is surprisingly stubborn for her small size.  She gets away with it by virtue of her very adorable face, and often chooses when she wants to walk and when she wants to stop and sniff something important.



Turtle looking happy after a walk





At 3 years old, Turtle is the baby in the group.  A real character, everything Turtle does is done with dramatic flair, and he’s always equally ready to defend the pack from any passing dogs, or stop and sniff anything interesting.



These GoDogz are ready to walk!


With true GoDogz spirit, all three http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/crestor/ dogs are always ready to walk the moment we get to the house.  Once they’re harnessed and leashed together, we head out.  Turtle likes to explore both sides of the path, often tangling his leash in among the other leashes until he only has a few inches of room and it’s time to stop and untangle.

Wednesday also likes to explore the path, taking her time to sniff all the important things along the way that Turtle might have missed.  She’ll stop and look at me reproachfully if I try to continue walking before she’s done investigating.

leashed and ready!


Wallace always walks very nicely right by my side.  An extremely patient dog, he’s happy to wait while the french bulldogs check out this scent or that, occasionally taking part in his own investigation.

Once back at the house, the pups usually like to head out to their deck for some water and, whenever possible, some extra play time before they settle down for the afternoon.

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