Weekly Round-up: Catch up addition!

Well, I blinked and we’re already practically halfway through June. So here’s a very brief recap of the past two week’s adventures out on the trailz!

A few highlights from two weeks ago:

Aww, Penny!

Hillary took the cutest picture of Penny,

The face of a dog born to run!












and Lola won the award for “best smile” out on the trails of Henry Cowell.

Best buds!





Bronx and Omar were their usual goofy selves, just having way too much fun together…

The Scotts Valley trio!





while Archie, Cali, and Mochi were all smiles together. One of my favorite things about this job is seeing all these doggie friendships.

Cute Ziva face!







I’ll wrap the week up with a picture of Ziva smiling after a run,


and her little look-alike pal Huck with his gal pal Heidi-the-dog…not to be mistaken for Heidi-the-dog-walker. 😉

Bolt loves hiking so much!



And moving right along to last week, Bolt kicked us off with world’s cutest boxer grin,

Hahaha! ;*D



while Bronx amazed us with his ability to curl just the end of his tongue. This is a dog of many talents!



Here’s Charlie!






The pack welcomed two new additions: Charlie…






Hi, I’m Zoe!





and Zoe!





Sean and his pack








Oh, and here’s the pack:




Check out that fancy camera angle. 😉










The littles dominated the trails, marching in perfect step behind their larger brethren.


Ricky Bobby and Zoe!








And then we’re on to Friday fun-day! It started with a cattle dog hike through DeLaVeaga…

Part of the Westside pack!








while the Westside crew checked out some new trails over by Antonelli pond with Ben.

It’s time to run!








Also exciting? Archie dusted off his running speeds and hit the trails with his BFF Cali and her new running crew.

Aww… 🙂









Whew! That was a sprint! I’m going to leave you all with this picture of Zoe and Charlie cuddling in the car. Too cute! Until next time!





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