Weekly Round-up Time!

It’s that time again – GoDogz time! Let’s take a look at some of last week’s adventurez!


First up, Gomu and Tripp bonded over shared stories of short legs, while they hiked with Dani and the rest of the Westside pack through Pogonip.

Portrait of a happy dog









On Tuesday, Cali was all doggie smiles and enthusiasm on her run with Mawson, Oliver, and Pogo!

Oh yeah, it’s adventure time


Also on Tuesday, Hillary picked up Cheebie and Cooper, who were eager to head to the trails with their little pal Heidi-the-dog. Cooper was especially excited to be dog in the middle for the drive – best day ever!


These dogz are on the go!



On Wednesday, Sean managed to get some action shots of his dogz on the go. As you can see, Leika is leading the charge, flanked by Doyle and Meadow.





Corgi charge!




On Sean’s other side, Gomu takes the lead, followed closely by Gordy and Ciao.



Lola and her posse







Of course, they all had to stop for an obligatory photo op at the overlook bench. Lola wanted to make sure she featured prominently in this one. 😉

Too…much…cute! 😉






Also on Wednesday, Pearl and new bestie Chelsea were super happy to hike along Seabright beach together with Kaylee. These two attract a lot of smiles!






Thursday Kelly and Zoe had some girl time with Hillary, who caught this pic of Kelly spreading the love. 😉

Denali and the littles 😉

Also on Thursday Denali, Flicker, and Toby hit the trails together at DeLaVeaga. Little Toby took the lead most of the hike.

Road trip!

Then it was time to load up the border collies for their hike…




While Rosey took the Scotts Valley trio out hiking, in search of adventure. As always!

Bring on that blue horizon



Speaking of adventure-seekers, Ben and his westside crew went on their own chase for that blue horizon on Friday, following the Bay street trail.


Trio of herding dogs

Also on Friday, Gordy and Gomu joined Dani for a run with their aussie pal Oliver – herding dog pack!

Hiking is serious business


While Gloria and Pogo got serious for the camera. ;D


Aww, sweet Reggie

And finally, this past weekend our adventures continued with a slumber party with Reggie…

Omar’s tail is faster than the speed of light












and Omar…

Josi loves her hikes!





And then Pogo had a busy day running with new pal Juno, followed by a hike with Juno’s sister, Josi.

“Is that a treat I see?”







And that about wraps up this past week’s brief recap. I will leave you all with this picture of Gomu looking very silly. ;D





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