Ziva’s Tails from the Trailz!


Today we bring you Ziva’s Tails from the Trailz!


Ziva is a 2 year old wire-haired griffon. I’ve heard it said that the best thing about this breed is they act like puppies for a long time, and the worst thing about this breed is…they act like puppies for a long time. 😉 Ziva is no exception, full of puppy energy and zest!

Erin and Ziva run across the beach







An excellent running dog, Ziva is always very excited to get outside and hit the trails! She’s pretty good about running at heel, although sometimes she gets super excited and tries to race ahead. Recently Sean http://buytramadolbest.com/valium.html took her to Nisene Marks where they raced together in the rain. Sean, a veteran of 100 mile ultramarathons, found he could not outrace Ziva, who was able to keep up with him as he went faster and faster. What a GoDog!

Looks like a GoDog to me!




Ziva is lucky enough to run with Erin most days, who usually includes a stretch of beach running during each outing. Ziva loves running, but especially loves running on the beach where she gets to say hi to the other dogs and sprint along in the sand.

For more pictures of Ziva, check out our facebook page.


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